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Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Starts: Here’s How To Register

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Starts and Here’s a tutorial on How To Register. Here’s a full tutorial on how to register Battlegrounds India Pre-Registration Game.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Starts

battleground mobile india pre-registration

After a Long time, Finally, the most awaited Game PUBG is coming back. PUBG is not coming with its most famous name but they change its name to Indian Players and now the name of game is Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Developers are successfully able to bring back official PUBG so they are making a different game for only Indian players. Gameplay will be the same as the Official PUBG but some changes will be made. Now Company is more focused on security so Indian players and its company do not have to face the same problem they face at the time of Pubg.

PUBG banned other Chinese apps in September 2020 because of some privacy issues. Krafton the company of PUBG tried so hard but they were not able to bring back PUBG. They even break the partnership with Tencent the Chinese company but still, they are not able to bring back the game. So now they are developing a game for only the Indian audience named Battlegrounds Mobile India.

You will see the same gameplay but they are changing some features in-game and increasing the privacy of the users so this time players also not need to worry about the game. The company did not announce any official dates for the game but some reports are saying that the game will be released in early June. But you can still register for the game on Google Play Store.


How to Pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store?

Battlegrounds mobile India pre-register process is simple but still if you are facing some issues registering then here’s a full step-by-step guide on how to Pre-register Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Step 1 – Open the Google Play Store on Your Android phone and look for Battlegrounds Mobile India in the search bar

Step 2 – Once you find the game, there will be a pre-register option below it.

Step 3 – Tap on the “Pre-register” button,

Step 4 – The following “Notify you” file will show two options “install when available” and “Ok”, on pressing the first option the game will be installed automatically. while the latter will require you to download the game manually when it’s available.


Final Words

After a long time, PUBG is coming back with the title of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Gameplay will be the same as PUBG but you will see some new changes in the game. Some reports also said that developers are making this game with less violence and with more protection.

Developers did not make any official news for its release date and we do not have any official released date for Battlegrounds Mobile India but some reports say that this game will release in early June this year. But everyone can pre-register the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

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